The Hydroform process has been used for over a half century to produce precision formed sheet metal components. Hydroforming is a unique and flexible process streamlining the design and manufacturing functions. Hydroforming enables the following advantages.

  • Short Lead Times.
  • Simple and Inexspensive Tooling.
  • Dimensional Consistency and Quality.

MuShield's hydroforming equipment enables the manufacture of precision sheet metal parts from the following alloys.

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heat Resistant Alloys
  • Non Ferrous Alloys
  • Controlled Expansion Alloys
  • Glass Sealing Alloys
  • High Strength Super Alloys

Further advantages of MuShield's hydroforming process include cost savings when secondary operations are required. Secondary operations such as laser machining, CNC machining or stamping can realize cost savings due to the hydroformed component's dimensional consistency. Additionally, the outside surfaces of typical hydroformed parts experience no "metal to metal" contact. The original surface condition is maintained. Hydroforming also permits vinyl clad material to be utilized protecting polished sheet stock from marring.

The MuShield Advantage is one of experience, knowledge and customer-centric practices. Our extensive engineering experience allows us to contribute to the design process if required. Our experience can help determine which materials and manufacturing methods will be most efficient and of highest quality.

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Hydroforming Example Part

The hydroforming process of deep drawn parts yields a uniform finish and consistent wall thickness. Parts, deep drawn by alternate methods,may exhibit structural weakness, occurring at a corner radius. Hydroforming reduces the probability of corner radius weakness, yielding a higher quality part.

Hydroformed Part from MuShield

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