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MuShield Magnetic Shielding is located in New Hampshire, U.S.A. and in the Eastern Standard time zone (-5 GMT) however our clients are worldwide. During our regular business hours, please phone toll free, 888-669-3539 to speak directly to an engineer. You may use the small contact form on any page of this web site during off hours and we will respond the following business day.

We also encourage you to schedule a visit to see firsthand our diversified manufacturing facility. We are conveniently located at the Boston/Manchester Airport.

After using the web form, please feel free to visit MuShield's main web site for a more indepth view of what MuShield can do for you. From design and engineering specs to material selections for your application, we can quote the entire project from inception to your loading dock. We look forward to serving your needs whether it's manufacturing, machining, design or raw materials, MuShield is a company that can meet and exceed your quality expectations.

Hydroforming Example Part

The part is made from .032" thick 304 stainless steel. It is hydroformed, then stress relieved and to complete the part, the flange was laser machined. The part's diameter is 3.5" and it is drawn to a 3.700" height. The radius at flange .187" and all standard dimensional tolerances are +/-.015". Typical production quantities for this specific part run from 100 to 1000 pieces.

Hydroformed Part from MuShield

This part is made by utilizing a combination of hydroforming, CNC Rotary welding, conventional fabrication and metal spinning. It is made from .030" Hi Perm 80 Magnetic Shielding Alloy. The top and bottom cones were hydroformed and the middle cylinder was fabricated. The three components were then welded together on our CNC rotary welder. After a stress relieving heat treatment, the part was spun and then laser machined to final print requirements. A final hydrogen heat treatment to obtain maximum permeability was then performed. The dimensions are 7.010" overall height. Base diameter is 3.650" and the top diameter is .890" All tolerances range from +/-.005" - +/-.010"

Hydroformed Part from MuShield

Typical production quantities for this specific part run from 25 to 100 pieces.