Hydroforming Examples

Below are a few examples of the Hydroforming Manufacturing process. The benefits of hydroforming each part are explained below.

This multi-tiered part shows an excellent example of the evenness of the hydroforming process. Uniform wall thickness especially along the radius and the uniform finish will not require additional surface prep unless specified.

This sister part shows several additional steps which included dimensional CNC work to produce a tight OD tolerance. The drilling and two punch out locations completed this part. All parts were individually packed ensuring surface and appearance integrity.

A simple part that illustrates the uniqueness of the Hydroforming process. The top chamfer is a little deceptive but the wall thickness is uniform even at the 90° angle. This part had two additional steps. The lower CNC milled banding and the vertical punch out were performed in our Londonderry, NH facility and were delivered on time and on budget.

These next two parts illustrate the ability to manufacture deep drawn parts without sacrificing quality or integrity. The first (Made In The USA label) shows a part similar to the one above, but with a very long wall. The part was formed, heat treated, label applied and ready for shipment.

Like the part above, a deep drawn part, has a unique nozzle that also required uniform thickness and a lip. No welding or secondary operations were required for the lip and nozzle projection. The total part was CNC machined for surface preparation and then minor drilling operations were completed prior to packaging.

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