The MuShield Advantage

The MuShield Company Incorporated's recent addition of a hydroforming machine at our Londonderry NH facility enables expanded manufacturing services and reduced lead times.

MuShield's production and quality engineering teams' ability to monitor and ensure control over every aspect of a production order, whether large or small continues to be done entirely in-house. Less handling of mission critical parts and all operations under one roof also saves MuShield's clients money and provides worry-free manufacturing and ordering. MuShield is an ISO 9001:2012 company.

MuShield now offers existing customers and prospective industries the time and cost saving advantages hydroforming provides. MuShield's metallurgic and hydroforming knowledge allows expansion from traditional magnetic shielding alloys to a full range of metals and metal alloys. Industries requiring precision hydroformed sheet metal components include aerospace, automotive, medical, defense and electronic OEM.

Among hydroforming's chief benefits are quick set ups, reduced lead times and cost control. Additionally, "Kanban" purchasing and inventory control helps save time and money. MuShield's hydroforming expertise and engineering assistance provides our customers additional incentives. You determine component requirements, we help you choose materials and processes insuring the highest quality part at the most efficient cost. Depending on the life expectancy of your product, we specify the appropriate tooling materials guaranteeing consistent quality throughout the component's life time.

MuShield's production capabilities are not limited to Hydroforming. The MuShield Company provides full production capabilities specializing in laser machining, CNC machining, precision CNC rotary welding and manual TIG welding, hydrogen heat treating, stamping, sheet metal roll forming, punching, and bending. MuShield provides a diversified manufacturing facility to deliver your project on time, on budget and in control. From your design specs or drawings to the finished part delivered and ready for service, The MuShield Team stands ready to perform. Call, email or use the small contact form. We confidently deliver the quality you demand.

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Hydroforming Example Part

Below is an example of a critical part requiring secondary machining operations post hydroforming. An 80% Nickel-Iron alloy supplied as flat sheet stock was used producing the hydroformed part. Secondary operations performed post hydroforming consisted of turning, laser machining and heat treating. Typical production quantities for parts like this are 10 to 5000 pieces. Dimensional tolerances range from +/-.002" to +/-.005".

Hydroformed Part from MuShield

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